Creative Mutations

In the evo vs creation debate, one is often told that random mutations + selection are responsible for the creation of all life forms on earth. Genetic mutations are supposed to bring about novel features and entirely new morphologies. Simple life forms are claimed to be the root of all complex life forms. We are confidently told as fact, that macro-evolution is literally the “molecule to man” formula that Darwin imagined.

Of course this is all pure nonsense. As Dr. Francis Crick, Nobel laureate for the discovery of DNA realized, there is not enough time in earth’s history for macro-evolution to have brought about the existence of so many millions of life forms, complex and highly specified, as we see them today.

This is at least partly why, being an atheist, he wrote the book Life Itself. In this 1981 book, Crick spends the first half of the book explaining why life could not originate on our planet —and then he proceeds to suggest that it came from outer space on rockets! Commonly called panspermia, this theory takes the sublime and brings it to the ridiculous.

The point is that Crick himself could not believe in Darwinism as commonly presented! He needed to find some other source of life. Some other source that could explain the abundance of complex life forms on earth — without God. Of course. Anything but admitting to a Supreme being Creator!!

Dr. Royal Truman (Ph.D., specializing in organic chemistry) notes:

Suppose our body is lacking the CFTR gene (or it is not yet functional), which produces a trans-membrane protein which regulates chloride ion transport across the cell membrane. Or suppose that it is missing the RB gene on the 13th chromosome, whose job it is to identify abnormal tumor growth, especially in a child’s rapidly growing retina, and kill such tumors. If one tiny piece of the puzzle is missing all the other thousands of functional genes become worthless, since the organism cannot survive.How sensitive is our human copy machine to error? The CFTP gene has 250,000 base pairs. Over 200 mutations have been described which lead to cystic fibrosis (CF). The most common mutation, -F508 at position 508 on the peptide chain involves the deletion of three nucleotides. Three out of 250,000 nucleotides are not copied correctly and the gene cannot function! It is simply not correct to pretend that nature offers endless degrees of freedom to monkey around with the highly interdependent and very sensitive machinery of cell duplication. Furthermore, as discussed above, time is the greatest enemy for evolutionary theory, since most mutations are recessive and for the time being non-lethal. These accumulate from generation to generation and increase the genetic burden.Mutations + selection simply doesn’t cut it. Selection is always the “magic wand” of Darwinism. Whatever the facts of mutations are, it is conveniently posited that selection can creatively overcome them. As though selection were natures’ mind, working towards a known goal called “fitness”. Nature has no such mind. It is, in itself, blind and thoughtless, without purpose and without foresight.

Darwinism can’t work as a viable explanation of life on earth. It is well known that most mutations are either neutral (no benefit, no detriment) or harmful to the organism. In fact, most mutations are “bugs” or errors in the genetic code, not enhancements. Given this fact and considering that it is literally impossible to formulate a logical, feasible mutational pathway from molecule to man, it is indeed astounding that anyone could have ever believed Darwinismsm in the 1st place.

Of course, Darwin knew little of these details in his time so we mustn’t be too harsh on him. He himself knew that his “speculations” were not real science. “I am quite conscious that my speculations run quite beyond the bounds of true science.” – Charles Darwin, In a letter to Asa Gray, a Harvard professor of biology.

Truman’s paper on the problem of Information for evolutionists is an excellent basis, all by itself, for refuting Darwinism.

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