More Darwinian discrimination tactics

An excerpt:

Biology professor alters evolution statement for recommendations; justice ends probe – News and Comment – Michael Dini, Texas Tech University

Larry TaylorThe U.S. Justice Department has dropped its investigation of a complaint that a Texas Tech University biology professor was discriminating against students who did not believe in evolution.

The department announced April 22 that it had ended its probe after Professor Michael Dini eliminated the evolution belief requirement from his recommendation policy and replaced it with a requirement that students be able to explain the theory of evolution.

The Justice Department had earlier said Dini might be discriminating against students with certain religious views because he excludes from consideration a letter of recommendation for students who will nor affirm a personal belief in human evolution.

All of this began in September of 2002 when a university student needed a letter of recommendation from a biology instructor to apply for a program at Southwestern University’s medical school. The student, a devout believer in creationism, stated he had no problem learning about evolution but had to draw the line when informed that to receive a letter of recommendation from Dini he must “truthfully and forthrightly” affirm belief in evolution. The student felt he was being discriminated against because of his belief in biblical creation.

Dini listed three criteria that must be met before receiving a letter of recommendation. The first stated that the student must have earned an “A” in at least one class taught by Dini. The second stated that the student must be known by Dini. The third (the one in question) stated that if you cannot answer the question “How do you think the human species originated?” with sincere reference to evolution, then a letter of recommendation from Dini would not be forthcoming.


Reading Dini’s ridiculous conclusions on this (rest of article) is sad and would be laughable if not so serious.

Of course, macro-evo fundamentalist darweenies will find some reason to call Dini’s original practice “good”. The general public can see more clearly than that – it’s discrimination and while it is treated as religious it is not necessarily so.

Lots of non religious scientists doubt the macro-evo theory. And not on religious but on purely scientific grounds. Statistical probality methods and good old simple logic suffice to cause one to doubt that the billions of amazing complexities, with the “appearance” of design (to quote Dawkins), in the universe are the results of random mutations + the darwinists magic wand “selection”.

I doubt the discrimination will stop soon. Not till this weed of a “theory” is finally rooted up and something much better, more scientific, more logical replaces it.

It will happen.  It’s just a question of time + mutations + selection! 😉

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