Atheist society unveiled

Based partly on the article called Hellish Holland :

Here are a few excerpts :

“… its morals are the most corrupt in the whole world. Liberalism, the freedom to do whatever you want without regard to morality, is considered as a god, unrestrained by Catholicism or even natural law. If one tries to teach morality, he is labelled a fascist, because he is “imposing his own will upon all other free wills in the country.” When you respond that objective morality comes from God, they answer that this God is only “between your ears,” that “your god” is your choice and you “cannot impose Him on anyone else.”

Holland’s Minister of Public Health, Mrs. Borst, recently spoke about a handicapped child who was killed after being born. (By the way, “borstis a Dutch word for “breast,” but in the minister’s case, she seems to have no heart beating in hers.) She said that, according to penal law, it is murder, but the Officer of Justice will not prosecute in this case because the mortal injection was given by the doctor after consultation with the parents. In any case, she declared this child had little chance of “achieving an acceptable level of value of human life.”

My American readers will find very interesting the comment written me by one of their own:

This is exactly why America (morally speaking) is not as degenerated as Europe. As a people, we are not logical: we are sentimental. We cling to Christian morality not out of conviction, but out of very vague notions, some of which are good and some just feel-good sentimental. This is good in that it slows our fall into immorality, but it also makes it difficult for us to think correctly when given correct principles; we cling to our errors just as illogically as we cling to truth.

“Liberalism has penetrated so deeply into Holland that, without inciting total chaos, its people have free access to all things-drugs, sex, and Satanism, etc. Few police patrol the streets because the Dutch believe too many police constitutes a fascist or “rightist” state. The result is that people are attacked, wounded, and killed in the streets without motive. Most crimes are committed by immigrants. The police arrive two hours later. “What’s the use?” they say, “If we arrest these criminals, the judge will set them free the next day because it is considered ‘racist’ to punish poor strangers.”

In one celebrated case, a man was keeping a house thief at bay with a samurai sword until police arrived. The police set the thief free because he was “a poor boy.” But the homeowner was incarcerated because he was “traumatizing the poor boy with a sword.”


Sounds like a great place to live and have a family huh? It ought to for the atheist at least!

Atheism, as I explain here, has no foundations for moral values except illusionary ones adopted for survival and convenience sake. There are no objective values in atheism inspite of the delusions atheists adopt to pretend there are.

The priest continues his witness :

“But hospitals in Holland are no longer places of healing. They are fearsome places where euthanasia is practiced nearly automatically. Doctors have invented a new kind of euthanasia called “mortification” where food and water are denied patients making them die of hunger and thirst, that is, they are starved to death. A 1997 report revealed that 55% of nursing home patients are dying from this lack of care called “mortification.”

Then he gives an example he knew of personally:

“…The woman was lying in the bed unable to move her hands because she was paralyzed. On the table was a cup of water. I gave her a drink and she drank voraciously. It was clear-she was dying from hunger and thirst. Nobody was there to feed her; this was the so-called mortification. And indeed, some days later, she died. I could do absolutely nothing to stop it because the entire social and political system has been organized this way. The only thing I could have done was put the woman in the trunk of a car and drive off to a normal country, but this was a crazy thought. There was nothing I could do but pray.

When I was in Holland, I was aware of three cases amongst our faithful caring for an ill family member because they did not want to give them over to these criminal medical facilities. Two men were each taking care of their mothers, and an elderly woman was taking care of her sister in the most difficult situation you can imagine. The woman ruined her back permanently; she will have terrible pains for the rest of her life because she damaged her back carrying her sister. Though he tended to his mother for years, one man was called a sadist by the nurses because he refused “mortification” for her. The other man was questioned for hours by ten doctors because he refused “mortification” for his mother.”

If you are not already shocked or enraged at this, that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Atheistic Darwinism provides absolutely no grounds for putting any kind of true, ultimate value on human life. As the bio-text books state, “You are an animal…you share a common heritage with earthworms...”

So why are we so suprised and shocked when those who take that literally as the real truth act like animals? And find no scruples to killing? Atheists deny this as the outcome of their doctrines but the witness here shows that the truth is otherwise.

Not only do people lose touch with humanity through atheism’s sophisms and pernicious doctrines, but they also lose touch with real logic and clear reasoning. This will come to epidemic proportions if the course continues as is all across the world. We will see dementia of unprecedented proportions. Reason is already dying out in the Darwinist, atheist controlled public school systems. Slowly but surely. It takes decades for the effect to start manifesting itself outwardly.

This slowness is due to the fact that most people want Judeo/Christian values but not the Judeo/Christian God. So the moral values endowed upon formerly Christian societies linger on as the spread of relativist moralities grow. The wound festers long before gangrene sets in and visible evidence, like what is seen in Holland, comes to the front windows of the worlds events watchers.

Is anybody listening? Yes. A lot of groups of fighting this kind of moral insanity. But not enough.

The irony is that while these European nations have so adamantly striven to eliminate the last vestiges of God and religion from their midst, Islam has made it’s inroads and the quiet “invasion of Europe” by Islamic “conquerors” is slowly taking place before our eyes. Eurabia is just around the coner and the Europeans have so little moral fibre left in them that they are already destined to lose the battle.

God help them.

America is only a few deacades behind Holland. If the atheistic Darwinists have their will be done, it will not be as in heaven but as in hell on earth.

Better make sure you stay in good health and are ready to suffer the conseuqences of “mortification”, rape, crime without justice etc..

America is a falling nation. A declining cilture. And, as all declining cultures exhibit as they fall, the signs of decandance and the rotting of moral fibre are all there :

  • the extreme emphasis on external beauty (with accompanying health and mental anamolies),
  • the obsession with all things sexual,
  • the turning of the justice system into farce where money rules,
  • the devalorization of life where animals have better protection and more rights than humans,
  • the qualifying as “art, that which is intrinsically ugly, vulgar and demeaning,
  • the emphasis on superficiality,
  • the degradation of the weak and disabled
  • the easy access to drugs
  • the rise of all forms of sexual abuse
  • the treating of evil people as merely dysfunctional or “malfunctioning units” (R. Dawkins)
  • …. goes on and on

Very clear these days.

WWIII is inevitable due to all this. God has always, historically speaking, arranged through war the downfall of rotting nations and decaying civilizations. We will be no exception to the rule.

“If at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, and if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it.
And if at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it, and if it does evil in my sight, not listening to my voice, then I will relent of the good that I had intended to do to it. Jer 18:7 -10

This text describes in very concise terms, God’s governmental principle in dealing with the world’s nations. It’s simple. His patience is immense but not unquenchable.

Job also speaks of these principles of government of God :

“With him are strength and wise designs; he who is guided into error, together with his guide, are in his hands; He takes away the wisdom of the wise guides, and makes judges foolish; He undoes the chains of kings, and puts his band on them;
He makes priests prisoners, overturning those in safe positions; He makes the words of responsible persons without effect, and takes away the good sense of the old; He puts shame on chiefs, and takes away the power of the strong;” – Job 12:16-21

We can see these in our modern society – judges are fools, counsel is dying, reason is under persitent fire from those who think themselves most reasonable!

Sad but true. America as well all the other nations moving towards implemented atheistic world views need a return to Judeo/Christian values WITH their foundations in God. If the foundations are removed there can be no strength in the building. It will indeed be the “house built on sand”.

God make America blessable.

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