If ID is true your car wouldn’t start

Old news but I was just re-reading this stuff.

James L. Powell, professor of geology and the former director and president of the L.A. County Museum of Natural History. In a video urging scientists to tell the public what’s what regarding intelligent design, he makes this ‘fatal’ argument against intelligent design :

    We have to say that if creationism is right and if there is an intelligent designer, then almost everything else we know about science is wrong. Then your flu vaccine wouldn’t work, your car wouldn’t start, there was no Hiroshima, and on and on and on.  – from youtube.com video

Q: How do guys like this get a degree!?!?

First he, like all other mis-informed and clumsy Darwinian fundamentalists, conflates creationism with ID. 

In fact, ID does not postulate a supernatural design.  ID does not rely on the bible for it’s central tenets.  ID can live with the possibility the design is the work of some super intelligent alien civilization.  ID can live without any proposal of any designer at all – it deals with evidence for design – not with identities of putative designers.

Many IDists are theists, some are deists and some agnostic.

Still, even pure creationism could not possibly lead to the strange conclusions proposed by Powell.  He speaks as though all real science has occurred in the last century, guided by materialism, rather than the historical fact that most of the great scientists who actually discovered the laws of physics and chemistry, were mostly creationists! Newton, Copernicus, Maxwell, Mendel…

So whence these incredible conclusions?  Obviously the prof. has a lot to learn about logic, cause and effect, the basis of science, the history of science and the nature of the universe.  His statement could not be more blatantly non sequitur (Latin for “it does not follow.” Describes a logical fallacy.  Most often used to indicate
something which does not follow logically, such as a stated conclusion
that is not supported by the facts.)  than it is.  Indeed, he makes no attempt to even justify his conclusions! No, reason, no evidence, nothing but hubris disguised as scientific authority.

Indeed, if a designer actually made the universe and decreed it’s laws, wherein does it follow that nothing works?! Powell obviously is suffering from the mental illness so eloquently described by Sir Fred Hoyle:

Although the new believers [Darwinists] had not a particle of evidence to support their statements on the matter, they asserted that the rabbit producing sludge (called soup to make it sound more palatable) was terrestrially located and that all chemical and biochemical transmogrifications of the sludge were terrestrially inspired. Because there was not a particle of evidence to support this view, new believers had to swallow it as an article of faith, otherwise they could not pass their examinations or secure a job or avoid the ridicule of their colleagues. So it came about from 1860 onward that new believers became in a sense mentally ill, or, more precisely, either you became mentally ill or you quitted the subject of biology, as I had done in my early teens. The trouble for young biologists was that, with everyone around them ill, it became impossible for them to think they were well unless they were ill, which again is a situation you can read all about in the columns of Nature [magazine].” (Hoyle, F., “Mathematics of Evolution,” [1987], Acorn Enterprises: Memphis TN, 1999, pp.3-4).

Clearly the level of intelligence demonstrated by so many fanatical Darwinists these days is drooping to all time lows.  Do any of them actually stop to think before opening their mouths?  Certainly isn’t showing if they do. 

Powell’s inane statement is surely one of the more outstanding among the mountainous slew of verbal diarrhea littering the Darwinist blogs – low down in the unfathomable depths of materialist ideological idiocy.

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