Why Error detection/correction Mechanisms Require Intelligence

The one thing I find myself repeatedly having to explain to Darwinists is that the very existence error detection/correction mechanisms within the genome not only pre-supposes intelligence but absolutely, totally requires pre-knowledge of correct system state.

For some reason, probably related to their other mental illnesses, the Darwinians never get this. They seem incapable of logical response to existing facts. Most of the people I know, including some of the very well known scientists that often attempt debate with Darwinists know this to be a salient fact. As soon as one puts forth simple, clear and logical evidence that their theory doesn’t add up it’s like their minds go into infinite loops and no further reasoning is possible. Their minds are put on HOLD.

Therefore, in the case of error detection/correction mechanisms in the genome here’s a little analogous test I thought up to help Darwinists figure out why the very existence of such mechanisms pre-suppose intelligence.


  1. Write a coherent sentence in English on a piece of paper.  Make it say around 20-30 words long. In the sentence you create make sure to include a good number of glaring grammatical and spelling errors.
  2. Now, find a monolingual Chinese or (other such language not using the English alphabet) person and ask them to find and correct the mistakes.

Obviously they are not going to either find or correct anything at all, for the whole is gibberish to them.

Do you see? No pre-knowledge of English grammar, symbolism, spelling etc. necessarily equals no ability to either detect or correct error.

Do you see how the same principle applies to any such error trapping/correcting in any syntactic system – including biological ones like DNA/RNA?

Design is the inevitable and ONLY scientifically correct explanation. Period.
This is not hard.


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