The Religion of Atheism

How many times per day do atheists, worldwide, deny that atheism is a religion?  My guess is millions. Why? Because wherever there is debate on the existence of God vs atheism, you are absolutely guaranteed that sooner or later in the discussion, the word religion will be brought in and the atheists present will be eschewing all religion.

But then some deist or theist will tell them that atheism itself is a religion, having all the telltale signs.  At that point the atheists will get angry, act insulted, and arrogantly state that atheism isn’t a religion and that if atheism is a religion, then not playing tennis is a sport – or some such similar analogy (which they parrot from the priests of atheism). They radically deny that atheism is a religion because they despise religion per se and cannot endure to have their own beliefs called religion. It’s psychotic for some of them.

Britain’s Lord Toulson, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom said recently,

Religion should not be confined to religions which recognise a supreme deity…“.

Today its getting easier and easier to prove that atheism is religion as much as anything else is religion. One atheist leader from Australia told me that atheism cannot be a religion because it has no god(s).  Is that true?  Of course not. These guys do not think much, in spite of all their pretensions to reason, free thinking, logic and knowledge of this and that, they do not think well at all. Proof of this? Easy.  This guy, and he is far from the only one that gives this answer, seemed to ignore that many “officially recognized” religions do not have a god or gods.  How about Buddhism? There is no god in Buddhism. How about Confucianism, New Age, Scientology, and many more?

Thus we see that their ignorance is willful and inexcusable in this.

Now the proof that atheism is indeed a real religion is the fact that today we see more and more atheist “churches” rising.  Sprouting up around the country to serve their atheist disciples. They have meetings, “ministers” and various services to the faithful.  Generally on how to feel good about one’s atheism, how to prove there is no god – um oops, sorry leave that one out since it doesn’t exist and they know it too well – pastors giving them “faith” in their salvation from God and religion, hope that there is no life after death and of course no Hell, and on and on it goes.

For starters I will simply call as my first witness, the First Church of Atheism.  A “denomination” of atheism. The First Church of Atheism has many “ministers” and you can become an ordained minister very easily and for free, right on their web site.  They claim to have over 10,000 “ordained ministers”.  That’s a lot of preachers, a lot of evangelists, pastors and proselytizers for belief that nothing created everything. They have their own TV evangelists too, and they ask for donations.

Of course theists have been saying all along that atheism is a religion and often more fanatical, radical and fundamentalist than many.  But atheists, following the lies and sophism of people like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris etc, simply follow, like lost sheep, their religious masters and refuse to believe they could be a religion themselves.  Clearly atheism is a religion. One without a god…um…except themselves.

Secular humanism is organized atheism, though in more recent years they are trying to hide this fact, due to law suits against them for preaching materialism – their religion of atheism – all through the Western public education system.  You see according to their own own spurious interpretations of the infamous “Establishment Clause”, teaching any religion in the public system (no longer just education) is illegal. But they’ve been teaching their own religion in the pub ed system for decades, all with almost no complaints against them at all, simply because people were too ignorant and blind to realize this heresy.

Now the secular humanists are pretending NOT to be a religion anymore. The first Humanist Manifesto certainly defined them as a religion, “the religion of humanity”, where man himself is “god”. They got away with this glaring hypocrisy for decades and only now are being challenged on it.

Amazingly, the secular humanist run legal system has declared Secular Humanism a religion for tax exemption purposes, but not for Establishment Clause purposes! In other words this religion of atheism is hypocritical, and treachery against the public within the whole record of Establishment Clause cases. They are the worst offenders. And now they get away with it because their chief priests and disciples basically control the courts.

Well, that’s another story, a very tragic one at that.  You can read a bit more about that here.

If you want more evidence of the atheist church, or that atheism is a religion, just look at this:

Or how about this?

Of course you could just google or bing it yourself to find thousands of links on the new atheist churches too. Be my guest, and don’t blame me for the fact that atheism is a religion, nor accuse me of bad logic, “lying for Jesus” and all the other asininities these types of atheists usually post against theists trying to tell them the truth.

All this is very sad of course. These poor atheists, now attending their atheist “churches” should finally come to terms with their inherently spiritual nature, admit they have a need, an empty spot inside and discover the amazing True God of the bible.

Well to properly end this article I need a fitting image. Last time I used a baby doing a face palm.

chimpEven poor Darwin is shaking his head in dismay.