Atheists. Do they Exist? Are they rational Humans?

Why are all the new atheists such appallingly ignorant, irrational folks? I’m still waiting for a rational explanation of this strange inexplicably stupid meme that is the new atheism. First genetically engineered by Richard Dawkins. Perhaps I’ll make a best seller out of it.  Maybe I’ll call it “The Dawkins Meme”. How’s that?

Atheism is the blind man’s claim that color doesn’t exist because he can’t see it, taste it, feel it or prove it empirically!
Atheism – the belief that nothing created everything for no reason – i.e. the insane belief that nothing is actually something
Atheism – the suckers guide to failed, empty materialist philosophy posing as scientific reality
Atheism – the belief that all humans are nothing but bags of chemically animated meat
Atheism – the conviction that nothing beyond matter exists.  Information is neither matter nor energy and thus metaphysical. Oops.  Far worse: it is impossible, under the atheists’ own dictates, to prove that nothing beyond matter exists!  It is excluded, a priori, based on purely religious (metaphysical, philosophical) grounds. This, in any other domain, would be called blind faith in nothing.

So hey, lets give all the criminals a big break, because under atheist “logic” you’re “nothing but a pack of neurons” (Crick), with no free will (Harris), no foundations for ethics (Provine), no guilt nor merit (Blackburn) and even rape is just an “evolutionary adaptation” (Thornhill & Palmer) … “Morality is an illusion” (Ruse & Wilson) … Insert another long list of more atheist stupidities here … In the strange befuddled world view of the walking talking self-contradiction that is the average irrational new atheist dupe rationality itself does not exist as more than an illusion. You can’t have the self being an illusion without rationality also being an illusion. Strange that these educated fools can’t even figure that out. But not surprising at all.

Think of it. Isn’t that a fine world view folks!  Come on now everybody! Atheism for sale, its free! (free of intelligence that is)
Come get your atheism! “I, Dr. Snake-oil-Philosophy will give it away free” (see Dawkins), ie. no one in their right mind would pay for it if they really understood it.

There is no God and I am his prophet

There is no God and I am his prophet

In atheism there is no valid purpose for living, life is nothing but neurons following along paths of flesh and blood, directed by the laws of physics and chemistry. So in reality, there is no “you”. “You”, or “self”, is the vivid illusion created by electrochemical reactions in your 2.5 lbs of meat. See Harris and Hood on that amazing bit of intellectual black hole mentality.

The last time I was attempting to reason with one of these “non-persons”, I had to ask them who I was debating really? A flesh and blood robot? An automaton? Nobody? A real person?  Amazingly enough the response was still the same – there is no self. self is a biologically induced genetic illusion and of course no free will exists. So then I asked them if no free will exists, what is the point of debate since debate assumes the existence of free will on both sides, to make intelligent choices, not imitation choices coerced by one’s genetic makeup.  Otherwise no one can change their mind on anything, and yet the people declaring this atheist tripe themselves automatically assume free will all while denying it!! They assume you can freely change your mind by reasoning through their insane reasonings! All while telling you you that they didn’t even do the reasoning! Their biological makeup did. They don’t even write their own books! There is no “they”!

Ergo, no one is as confused, befuddled and twaddle-headed as the modern atheist.  And yes, that is standard atheist dogma, and its sooooo easy to prove it is, since virtually ALL the new atheist gurus, priests and TV evangelists say so in no uncertain terms.  In other words, atheism is the opiate of the immoral, irrational soul.

Atheists, the inventors of the inane drone “invisible friends” theology, and the even more incredibly asinine “flying spaghetti monster”.   Atheists, the poor unthinking folks that believe nothing created everything, and astoundingly, they think this is “scientific”!!

I am perpetually astounded at the stupidity and glaring ignorance of the “new atheist” web forum shills. Could they possibly get any more delusional, irrational or self-contradicting than they are? Its hard to believe they could but boy, they still try harder. One atheist, swallowing Lawrence Krauss’ idiocies actually told me that the universe doesn’t exist because the sum of its energy = zero. I kid you not!!

This is atheism:



This rant was necessary to vent some of the deep disbelief and frustration in my attempts at reasoning with the utterly unreasonable, the irrational, unthinking new atheist drones I encounter.  A triple face-palm is required here as well to commemorate new atheist insanity passing as “smart”.  I guess stupid is the new smart, in the befuddled, baffled and bewildered world of the materialist dupe.



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