Yet Another Atheist Doesn’t Get His Own Position

I recently received some comments from an atheist complaining about my posts.  Oh joy.

As is ubiquitous with atheist die-hards,  he demonstrated that, all while claiming I don’t understand atheism, burden of proof, the laws of evidence and the meaning of the word metaphysical etc., that in fact he didn’t understand these things! So typical, as every theist apologist, and indeed, many atheist professional philosophers, know all too well.

I have to shake my head in disbelief you see, because invariably such atheists themselves just don’t get it.  They vehemently insist that they do and that theists don’t get it.  It gets ridiculous to the point of hilarious when one starts delving into to their own feeble arguments against God but they never see the light on any of this because their minds are usually on hold, stuck in acute cognitive dissonance that damages their logic.

The sad thing is that they wish to disprove theism or theist arguments by their alleged use of logic and reason. Unfortunately atheists never understand even this.

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